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Metal Halide Pet Care

Metal Halide Pet care lamps are available in ES E27 screw cap, GES E40 giant screw cap, double ended RX7s cap and double ended Fc2 cap and wattages from 70 Watt to 1000 Watt. These are specifically designed to enhance the comfort of fish in aquariums and reptiles in terrariums. Reptile lamps are designed to emit levels of UVB which promotes healthy bone development as UVB is needed by the reptile. With various quality product ranges from BLV and Iwasaki there are plenty of options available to ensure your pets maintain a comfortable happy life.
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Screw Cap MH Pet Care

GES E40 175W
GES E40 250W
GES E40 400W
GES E40 1000W
ES E27

Double Ended MH Pet Care


Single Ended MH Pet Care

70W Daylight White
150W Daylight White