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Graphica Pro 90

The Graphica Pro coating on these lamps gives excellent colour rendering or CRI Ra in excess of 98% making colours appear rich, deep and enhanced. These were developed to answer the needs of the demanding graphical industry (consistent with ISO 3664:2000, norm for viewing conditiond in graphical industry). These should be used where good colour rendering is crucial such as the graphical industry, printing, photo shops and hospitals. Available in colour temperatures 5300K daylight and 6800K cool daylight.
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F36T8/95GP PHI
4 Foot Fluorescent Tube 36W 950 Graphica Pro Philips 36 Watt

Philips TL-D 90 Graphica Pro Triphosphor 4' T8 36 Watt Fluorescent Tube 36W

  • 950 5300K Daylight
  • Colour rendering 98% accurate TLD
  • For use in graphical, printing, photo industry and hospitals
  • 15K Hours Life, 80% Lumen maintenance
  • Price: GBP £‎8.44 (Incl. VAT)